Friendly, automated client intake for attorneys.

From first contact through consultation and signed fee agreement, ClientSherpa keeps your clients moving through a friendly process that gives you the best possible opportunity to sign them as a client.

You've known you need an intake process.

  • Your current setup doesn’t work — whatever combination of email, PDF or Word docs, phone calls, Google Calendar, LawPay or Square, Clio or PracticePanther you’re trying to duct-tape together.
  • You feel like an an overqualified and underpaid stenographer, while your client’s enthusiasm is dropping with every section you fill out together.
  • You walk into the consultation praying that the client took the time to fill out that questionnaire you emailed them (assuming, of course, that they actually show up.)
  • You email the client for the 5th time asking them to return a signed fee agreement; the radio-silence makes you wonder if they've gone and hired the big firm down the street.
  • You waste precious consultation time filling in that questionnaire "they forgot to fill out" instead of getting into the meat of their case.
  • You try not to cringe as you decipher the client's handwriting while hen-pecking their information into Clio or MyCase.

There’s a better way. Meet ClientSherpa!

Send beautiful intake questionnaires

Within a few minutes after the call, you client has an email in his inbox with a special link to his intake questionnaire. He clicks the link and is greeted with a beautifully designed intake sheet, broken up into easy-to-digest sections.

ClientSherpa Estate Planning Intake Form

Stay on top of your intakes

Open up the consultation view in ClientSherpa and fast-forward to the sections your client had trouble with. And not just that…

  • Track the questionnaire status
  • Automatically send gentle reminders
  • Access all documents in one place
  • Handle multiple matter types
ClientSherpa Intake Automation

Your client now feels a whole different thing

Your questionnaire is a pleasure to fill in

Your client has a pleasant experience (as pleasant as filling out forms can be) filling out the questionnaire

Reminders help them come prepared

Your client feels good and invested in the process, because they didn’t forget to fill out the quesionnaire (thanks to the gentle reminders)

Your professional approach wins their heart

Your client is impressed with your professional process, stays with you on the case, and refers you to their friends.

Here's what other attorneys say…

"ClientSherpa sounds like exactly what I'm looking for."

"It's been a struggle for me. Ever since I opened the practice five years ago, I've been looking for that perfect software package. Everything else is highly specific for specific fields or just too much for a one person operation. I don't want to do task delegation to manage my intake."

"If I get them in the office, I can close 70% of my clients"

"If I can't it's closer to 30%. And the ones I can get into the office, I know they're motivated. Having an onboarding process would help me close more of those for sure."

Ready to put your intake process on autopilot?

"If you've gone for years with an intake process that seems to change every few weeks. If you've spent countless hours wondering if you remembered to get back to a potential client. If you've ever lost a client because things got too hectic and they fell through the cracks. You owe it to yourself to sign up and get a fully functional, standardized intake process that just works."

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