How does ClientSherpa work?

Let's ride along as ClientSherpa helps an attorney sign a new client...

Briiing, briiing!
It's a new client on the phone

You or your staff can take down contact information and schedule a consultation. We sync with your Office365 or G Suite calendar to make the booking easy.

Initiating an intake on ClientSherpa

Time to collect their information

Within seconds, your potential client receives a shiny new email with a link to enter the information that will be crucial for you to evaluate their matter. It's even mobile friendly so they can answer that questionnaire wherever they are. On the train, lying in bed, or even sitting on the john.

Client filling out their ClientSherpa intake form.

Making sure they show up ready

We'll gently remind the prospect about their upcoming consultation using email and even SMS messages. Put an end to wasteful no-shows and be prepared to make an extraordinary first impression.

Clients receive SMS and email reminders about their upcoming consultation.

Wow them with a substantive consultation

Now that you have all of the information, you're able to flex your legal muscle and give them a substantive consultation that let's them know they're working with a pro. They're super impressed.

Have a meaningful consultation, armed with the matter details.

Get that client signed!

If the prospect's looking like a good fit, we'll send them a fee agreement and remind them to electronically sign it. Look at you, makin' it rain! (And if they're not a good fit, you can send a non-engagement letter to limit your malpractice liabilities.)

Clients can electronically sign your fee agreement.

No double entry! Send all of that data to your case management suite of choice

You've got a client and it's time to get to work. Don't make the first step a data-entry nightmare to henpeck your client data into some form. With our case management integrations, your client data is automatically imported into the systems you already use.

Send your client data directly to Clio, PracticePanter, MyCase and more.

You can focus on being a lawyer instead of chasing down clients for signatures and data.


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